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{March 2, 2010}   Let’s give this a try

The other day, someone asked me how, as someone who writes professionally, I could not have a blog. In a way, it’s a valid point. Like most things, writing is something that is finessed through practice, in many contexts … I am someone who likes to communicate through the written word but of late, I have preferred other media: the spoken word, painting, creative movement, etc. Heck, I even gave web design a real shot for almost two years. Mainly, I’m looking for an outlet for my “voice”, and a venue through which to share thoughts, musings, and interesting media and factoids with friends and acquaintances. So … let’s give this a try. This reflects my current mood of late, that I’m working to deflect:  Anne Peebles’ \”I Can’t Stand the Rain\”

It’s still a great song. And I enjoy Missy Elliott’s version, too: Missy Elliott, \”The Rain\”

Hoping the mood will lift soon =)

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