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{March 11, 2010}   Some of my art

I wanted to post some of the art I’ve created over the last year. I enjoy painting (and now collaging, too) intermittently and don’t have formal training, per se, although i did take a vague “art” class in college with a good friend, which was a ton of fun. Inspired by the course, we had several painting parties in the sun room of our old apartment. I’ve recently been continuing the tradition with friends I’ve made in California. It’s so therapeutic … I also find that I often begin a painting without having in mind a clear concept of what I’m going to create. Sometimes as the image unfolds, it can be very revealing about all sorts of concerns, fears, questions and joys that were somewhat latent, so painting for me has also been a great way to get in touch with deeper feelings. I realize that these don’t translate so well via the photo images. Even so, hope you can enjoy them! 🙂


{March 8, 2010}   Weekend Greens

The beautiful weather this weekend gave me just the sunlight-boost I needed 🙂 Friday I tooled around the city after work with a friend, and bizarre, hilarious moments ensued, such as when we pointed out perhaps a little too loudly the strange sexual positions of little figurines we spotted in a display in a Chinatown window … only to realize moments later that the entire conversation had been overheard by some passing monks. How perfect! Haha. Saturday, I hung out with the same friend and her little dog. We started the day perusing art in Union Square and from there made our way to the Marina. Along the way, we found interesting antique furniture galleries, clothing boutiques and had yummy food and drinks. This first place where we landed, Harry’s Bar, was a bit pricey, with not the best service, but the bloody mary and vegetable quesadilla I had were pretty delish. I have to admit I was a bigger fan of the establishment we tried next, Grove Cafe, which had a wide selection of wines and rich and creamy mac & cheese, as well as a lot of outdoor seating to accommodate a favorite pastime, people watching.

The night ended with a bit too much debauchery here: The Tipsy Pig. The the place has a great layout and is clearly the spot to be on Chestnut St. on a Saturday night. As for the yuppyish crowd, I found the patrons to be surprisingly diverse 😉

Today, I engaged in some heavy reading in sunny Huntington Park – it was the perfect atmosphere to become engrossed in my text as the sun beat down on me. I finally escaped to my apartment as the wind picked up and increasingly colorful/distracting people began sitting a bit too close for me to maintain my focus.

Rejuvenating, fun weekend … check!

{March 2, 2010}   Let’s give this a try

The other day, someone asked me how, as someone who writes professionally, I could not have a blog. In a way, it’s a valid point. Like most things, writing is something that is finessed through practice, in many contexts … I am someone who likes to communicate through the written word but of late, I have preferred other media: the spoken word, painting, creative movement, etc. Heck, I even gave web design a real shot for almost two years. Mainly, I’m looking for an outlet for my “voice”, and a venue through which to share thoughts, musings, and interesting media and factoids with friends and acquaintances. So … let’s give this a try. This reflects my current mood of late, that I’m working to deflect:  Anne Peebles’ \”I Can’t Stand the Rain\”

It’s still a great song. And I enjoy Missy Elliott’s version, too: Missy Elliott, \”The Rain\”

Hoping the mood will lift soon =)

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